Special Education Advocates & Visitation Supervisors

Dr. Arkeria S. Wright, EdD


  • Founder of The Children's Advocate
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Special Education Advocate
  • Custody Visitation Supervisor

Dr. Arkeria S. Wright is an award winning educator, advocate, and author working outside of the classroom to service the needs of children and families in the state of Georgia .  U Source Me, LLC, now The Children's Advocate, was founded in August of 2013 after Dr. Wright left the classroom to seek other options for addressing the needs of the total child. With over 12 years of experience observing, teaching, and assessing children, Dr. Wright found that her expertise and gifts were needed in the area of child advocacy.  "Children need a voice in areas beyond academic achievement!" she confirms.  Her personal and professional mission is to be a resources for children in areas of personal development, education, and family-life. Today, The Children's Advocate provides supervised visitation and special education advocacy to family law practices, schools, government service entities, parents and/or guardians. 


Outside of her professional world, Dr. Wright is a loving mother of 2 children.  She is also an active manager to both of her children whom are entrepreneurs and authors. She resides in South Fulton, Ga. 

Mrs. Jocelyn Walker, MSpecED


  • Special Education Advocate
  • Custody Visitation Supervisor

Mrs. Jocelyn Gordon-Walker is a certified special education teacher working directly in the classroom with students with special needs ranging from grades PreK to 8th grade.  As a supervisor she provides assistance and observations for several children, attending IEP meeting and ensuring proper placement.   Mrs. Walker saw a need to also advocate for children outside of the classroom. She then joined our team in 2017. She acts as the Special Education Specialist for The Children's Advocate,  while also playing a vital role in providing special education consultation. Mrs. Walker is an awesome children’s advocate as she has natural and expert abilities in caring, supervising, and assessing children of all ages. 

Outside of her professional world, Mrs. Walker is raising her 2 sons with her husband. They currently reside in Cobb County, Georgia.